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I was going to actually commit suicide.
However, it became scary when going to
sea of trees and it became an unsuccessful suicide attempt.
But, I do not think that this action was a mistake.
Man sometimes has the necessity for the desperate protest.
I wanted to commit suicide, and to declare the maximum protest.
However, everything fell through.
I didn't have courage to die.
Moreover, I learnt ugly feelings "Envy" recently.
It was scared that I was ruled by the frightening feelings.
Yamanashi Prefecture was very cold in spite of spring.
However, I believe even so.
"I am never wrong. "
I want to become a ghost.
The person can be cursed seriously seriously for tens of years
and hundreds of years if it does so.
If it is compensation of suffering about that, the resolution is made.
I who has learnt envy am not alive.
Anything doesn't remain in me. It is vague nothingness.
It my is only aesthetics and belief that remains.
It is after a long time to have felt the profound despair so much.
It thought a lot.
In conclusion, I thought that they might be the solutions of my death of the best most.

However, it was impossible.

I today also have neither happiness nor unhappiness.
Only time passes.
Only being sleeping in is a paradise.
The solution is not found.
It is a hell that it is alive. And, the thing to die similarly is a hell.

I was crazy.
The thing to live and the thing to die are impossible.
If it is it, "Large play" of my life is presented to the last second.
With the number of people whom I cheated up to now
The number of people who cheated themselves has been compared up to now.
All the souls shouted that the scream of the last moments was given from the nethermost hell, and my thing was hated.
Guilt, envy, passion, and distorted love.
Those all start killing me.

I'll live while breaking having a grudge against the person cursing the person and it.
No one believes now. I became tired.
I want to send the malice of one million and love of one million to this world.

It laughs while going mad in rain of passion that began to be gotten off.
It is good ・・・ It does so, and I am cheated permanently by you.
There is no refuge.
There is no place to which it returns.

A man has the right to die and to protest only once in the life.

I never give it up.

Kiss Kiss


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