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Be relieved, and the world is beautiful more than I think surely.
The emotion is influenced by the hell of cherry blossoms at
a full-bloomed season of cherry blossoms, and person's nature goes mad.
I call it "Cherry blossoms hell".
I think how it is wonderful when the neck is hung under the full-bloomed cherry blossoms tree and it commits suicide.
Of course, with the person whom I love.
Perhaps, I think that it becomes a sweet, sensual above all experience.
For instance, dying at least together if the person who loves is not obtained is my virtue.
Of course, it doesn't actually do.
The corpse has been buried under a full-bloomed forest of cherry blossoms.
I want also to wring its neck similarly under full-bloomed of cherry blossoms
as well as it and to be killed.
Passion has becoming the preference of the cruelty sometimes and reckless driving.
I want to be killed by love if rather dying.
You might think me to be a madman.
However, this is my delusion.
I can live.
If there are love and getting warm there always.

Look, and cherry blossoms bloom all over in the Far East as having gone mad.

Ah it is possible to live.

It prays that true spring come to you and me.

PS . This diary was seriously written in English today.
However, it is bad English.

Let's meet under full-bloomed of the forest of cherry blossoms.


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