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Sorry to my friends.
It's my trashy grumble and ideas.
But I can't write about this matter by Japanise.Maybe you aware,I don't wanna tell this matter to Japanise.
And of course I'll never tell to someone.

So...I had really important person until this morning.
But now I've suspicion to the person.
I've no idea and also I can't understand about......

Now... I'm coneusion and I hate myself.
I think I'm so bad and fool parson,because I can't believe to my deary.
It's all over.I wanna go to somewhere.
Actually I didn't know envy the feeling in my life.
I thougt "Envy is so trashry feeling" until this morning.
But now I feel too much envy and suspicion.
I didn't know envy is so anguish feeling.

I don't know guite how to put this feeling but I wanna discard or forget my envy and suspicion to my deary.

I feel empty.
So if I can that, I wanna never fall in.....with someone.

However I've to say thank you for serious my sweet memory and also thank you for my deary.

I've to forget this feeling.
Of course that is so hard and painful to me.

I'll try.
And someday I wanna say "Yes,I can limp on my long way by alone".

But I still...I still I thinks of deary in always.

I don't wanna miss deary...and I hope you also think so.

But evertheless I can't remove my groundless suspicion.

If...let us suppose that it is "all was lie",but I wanted to be deceived to me until die in that day.

It's all over.

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